Wednesday, May 3, 2017

January 2017

After our hideous amounts of snow and cold last month, I was looking for a reprieve. Clearly, I was not going to find it in Billings. Hmm. Where to go? Anywhere but Billings!

This seems like the perfect time to head down to check in with this lovely new little girl.

I also needed to drop off the quilt I made for Ruby.

When I decided to make this quilt, I saw that I needed to make 20 hearts and thought, "Piece of cake.  I can whip this up in a week." I made the 20 hearts, realized it was waaaaay to small, reread the directions, and realized I was looking at the wall hanging version, not the baby sized version.

I took many more weeks to make a zillion more hearts. Note to self: pay attention when reading patterns. I did manage to slash my fabric stash considerably. 

I also can't wait to see how much Myla is growing.

 She's just as silly 

and tidy as I remember.

Jorden was out of town on business, leaving us to party without him.
 I had some Build-A-Bear bucks with me, and knowing how much moms love hundreds of stuffed animals on their kids' beds, I brought them along when we headed to the mall. Myla chose this cute little purple number,

 and Krew got this Broncos Bear.

Myla found some must-have fashion,

 and Krew chose needed accessories. 

 Your welcome, Jessica. I'm sure you can find a spot for a couple more bears. Right? RIGHT?

 I later spotted Myla and Purple Bear having a shopkins party in the loft.  

Meanwhile, Jessica and I hit the mall our faces on? Pull our tapeworms out? 
Nope. We got our eyebrows threaded. We now both have lovely shaped brows, with no strays, no wild hairs, no sore brow lines. I've fallen in love with this process, which is available in Billings for three times the price I can get it done in Utah. I now force which ever daughter I'm visiting to take me to their local mall and get it done.

Look at these sweet little sisters. How could you not love these two?

 I visited Jessica shortly after her terrible fall down the stairs, resulting in an extremely sore shoulder. While she visited the doctor several days in a row, Myla and I walked down a few stores to the donut shop to get some decent food. It looks like Myla has a tray full, but that's just the picture on the tray. She chose a chocolate donut with chocolate milk. She's my kid of girl.

Another sweet sibling shot.

 Myla and Krew are so sweet to Ruby. Krew even pretends he's delighted to have a second sister.

 I got to watch Krew play basketball. He's an amazing player, although I believe his true love is football.

 Cute cousin Rachael Hutchings stopped by. She too has a new baby. Note to future generations: these two switched babies for the picture. Ruby is still the tiny one in Rachael's lap. 

 One afternoon we headed to the aquarium. We had a great time looking at penguins, fish, and other aquarium things.

 Hanging out next to the whale.

 This is what the turtle sculpture is for, right?

 Fancy Fishies. 

Tricky turtles.

We tried to take a few Sunday Selfies. Ruby was most uncooperative, more interested in inhaling Jessica's hair.

 Yeah, this selfie stuff is too high tech for me.

Let's move on to making Sunday brownies--that's something I know how to do.

Time just flies when I visit the grandkids. It's always sooo tough to leave. But you know I'll be back to annoy visit you again soon. 

When I returned home, I was delighted to find more beloved little faces.

There were even some new models in my house like lovable Kenison who screams "Nana, nana" every morning till someone feeds her.  I'm going to assume she means me, even though her mom insists she's saying "banana", her blanket word for food. Hmm. This girls needs some vocab lessons.

I love this snapchat picture from Amy.

Firecracker Nora is staying with us for awhile, too.

 Sweet little Brinlee is going to kindergarten at the same school as Hailey and Makayla. Despite her cheerful smile, she was not a happy camper for awhile.  We are still struggling with hideous weather, and every morning she sobs, "Why do I have to go to school when it's snowing? I just want to stay home and be a mom!"  I hear you Brinlee. Snow + New School=I'd rather stay home and eat chocolate like I imagine Mom is doing without me.

 Nora quickly figured out how to find "things" on my ipad. It makes me feel stupid when I see a two year old navigate technology. 

What fun to have cousin time.

The Pearsons are going to live with us until they find their dream house and Brinlee finishes kindergarten. One school change is enough for Brin for awhile.

It's going to be so fun to have them with us for the next several months.

The month was drawing to the end, but the endless Montana winter was not. It was time to try a trip to Colorado. Bassetts are in the midst of a remodel, but they welcomed us anyway.

I couldn't seem to capture the faces of these two dancing princesses, but they are sure growing up.

Watching a funny youtube with Grandpa.

 We came for a special day, which required a fancy hairdo on Ava. 

I had another quilt to deliver. This one is Chase's. 

It's like the one I made for Caden a few years ago, since they share a room. Chase's striped fabric runs in a different direction,

and I used a different fabric for binding so they could tell them apart. I'm not going to lie, my fingers are bruised and bleeding from all of the quilting I've done this month. 

Today is Chase's baptism day. Here he is with some of his Bassett-side cousins.

What a handsome guy. 

The Primary put together this poster for the event.

Bassetts after the baptism. What a wonderful family.

 The grandparentals and and some Bassetts.

Leta and her family joined us a little later that day. Beautiful Leta has changed a lot since I saw her last. She had a double ear infection, although her parents didn't know it at the time, She was still happy and sweet. 

Koen has grown up, too, and he still likes to snuggle up to his favorite dad.

Koen was quite the social butterfly, chatting with Grandpa.

Jordan is the best big sister/older cousin.

She'll have Leta walking in no time.

 Time out for the oldest and the youngest among us.

Jordan and Koen had a lot of fun playing and entertaining the rest of us.

 Koen had us all laughing when he would run up and 

pounce on Jordan.

 Bedtime stories with dad.

Thanks for letting us be part of Chase's day, Bassetts! 
Can't wait to see you (and your finished house) again!


  1. Your quilts are so spectacular. LOVE LOVE them. It was fun to see a picture of MY two girls in the middle of this post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how much you get to visit your children. Tough transition from Portland to Billings for Brinlee - I'd be unhappy too having to go out in the snow to school. And there are no Voodoo Donuts in Billings.